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Flash! Short Stories for Anytime is now available for Kindle

The collection of short stories has been received very well

The latest work from Andrew James
has just been released.
"Flash! Short Stories for Anytime" by Andrew James
New Mexico - Flash! Short Stories for Anytime, the latest offering from author Andrew James, has just been released on Amazon and made available exclusively for Kindle. 
James had this to say about his newest addition:
"I really feel that these stories will not only entertain, but also invoke some discussion. Perhaps some readers will notice that some of the stories are tributes to another author, or to an internet horror story. Perhaps some will catch the message hidden in Rider's Lament. Others may find the possibilities touched on in (The Curious Case ofMark Saihill or Odd World worthy of consideration.
"The one thing I know for certain is that the stories are entertaining and fun to read, but if someone wants to dig a little deeper, they'll find something to talk about in each one."
Those who took advantage of James' opening special (users were able to download the book for free on the Fourth of July) seem to agree. One user's review reads:
"Terrific stories, whether simple yarns or proverbial parables, Flash Stories For Anytime will entertain and stimulate you as you touch on several characters in key events of their personal journeys. Buried inside are also snippets and references to some very well known folklore and classic novels that will pleasantly surprise many readers. Perfect for the coffee table or a long trip, you can read one story or all of them (if you're flying international), and they're timeless enough to be enjoyed again and again."
Andrew James has just recently begun writing under his given name. Previously, he wrote as "Andrew Ross," and has three other works under that alias: Battered Soul Bared, a collection of poetry; Reflections for the Warrior's Soul, a collection of articles on topics such as the Beatitudes, current events and personal relationships; and Women in Ministry, which is an examination of the subject of women in ministry positions within the Christian church, a topic that seems to be as controversial today as ever.
Flash! Short Stories for Anytime can be found on Amazon for $8.99, but is free for Kindle Prime members.
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